Raspberry Crepes

My family always wants a super scrumptious dessert at night. They don’t always get it, but tonight I gave in and made a simple crepe stuffed with fresh raspberries, chocolate, caramel and powdered sugar.

Potato Skins and Champagne

This appetizer dish is just like me, plain skins with a bit of fancy. Who can resist? Make this for your New Year’s party. I promise it will be eaten.

Bacon and Pasta

Tonight was a drag. I didn’t feel like cooking. But those sad little eyes asking me “what’s for dinner?” Made me weak. So, I gave him his favorite….bacon and pasta with cheese of course.  Happy Thursday! This is a great lazy night meal that will make you a star.   

Braised Beef Shank

Sunday night family dinner is near…let’s make a Beef Shank Stew and mooove their bones! This is a flavorful stew fullof protein   and veggies. I make this dish a day before I will serve it. The flavors seem to get more intense after 24 hours.  It’s well worth the wait. Ingredients: 2 Beef Shanks…

Garlic Log

Garlic Log in my freezer is my secret.

Carnivorous Dinner Party

I love to spoil my friends with delicious food at my dinner parties.  Imagine the look on their faces when they saw what I made for dinner on Halloween night. Well, their eyeballs looked like this picture below.  Here are step by step instructions on how to make this cadaver center piece. Let’s start with the…