Kitchen Toy Store

Every man loves his toys right? My husband has a great sign next to his tool box, it says, “Don’t ask to borrow my tools and I won’t ask to borrow your girlfriend.”  I need a sign like that for my kitchen toys. Can someone make that for me?

Who says women can’t love her toys too? If you are in the kitchen as much as I am, kitchen toys are so much fun.  I don’t have them all, or the latest and greatest out there, but I do have what I need to be the boss of my kitchen.

I have provided links so you can access Amazon by clicking the link and it shows Amazon that you found this product with my website. Every toy you see on this page has been used, and enjoyed by me. So I guess you can say it’s “Sandra Certified.”

If you must have my husband’s sign for your garage.

My favorite toy of all….Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.  I couldn’t live without it, and I never share it. Although my mixer is about 20 years old, this is the one that I would replace mine with if the motor ever went out.

My second necessity is the food processor.

I love a crockpot for beans. Beans are our staple around here.

I use these nonstick liners all the time. Nothing works better than these, and nothing will ever stick to them. I have had mine for over 15 years now.

I use theses half sheet baking trays all the time.  I usually put the sil pat liners on them for cookies, potatoes, oven baked veggies, etc.

I use my basting brush for egg wash on pie, bbq sauce on meat, butter on phyllo dough etc.  I love this set.

This is my favorite One Pot Stop. It’s easy to clean and I can make anything in it.

This is a reasonable crepe pan.  My crepe pan is pretty old.  If you make crepes a lot, then I would invest in a fancy one. But if you don’t need a fancy one yet, this link when get you a good reliable pan.

I always use my cast iron skillets.  If you have ever been in a fire station, you’ll see a a few hanging over the commercial range.  I love to see the guys cooking with cast irons. It just seems like a strong man’s skillet.  Below is the set I have in my kitchen.

We use the Nutra Bullet for smoothies, salsa, health drinks and creamy sauces.  The one we have comes with to-go containers for protein shakes on the go.  I love it!

My favorite rolling pin.

My bread machine that works so great!

Cake pans for Carrot Cake

I love to make Belgium Waffles. Here is a basic waffle maker that gets the job done.


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    Looks like a great blog to my wife and I. Joel


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