Welcome to Barcelofood. I wear a lot of hats, but the bottom line is… I am a total foodie.  When I am not in the office, I am cooking.  When I’m not cooking or driving my mom taxi around town,  I’m running or doing something active.  I stay active so I can eat.  Period.

I have a busy life, home and family to take care of, which all make me very happy.  While doing the mom duties that I love so much, I’m usually thinking about food and what I am going to make next.  I can’t help it, I love food; and if your reading this, you must be a foodie too.  So to answer any questions of “why did she create this site?” or “how does she have time for this?” Well, I created this site, to share recipes, a few stories and  kitchen tricks that revolve around food, and I hope to inspire working moms like me to to get in there and cook with your kids.  You can do it!

I love to gather recipes, to try new recipes, and to create my own.  In doing so, I teach my kids and friends how to prepare great dishes at home.  Eating out is fun, but making it at home is my peace.  Don’t get me wrong, I need a date night, drink night and an outing to offset the amount  of time I spend in the kitchen.  I made that one very clear to my husband, and you can make that clear to yours too.  No maid here Mister!

Some recipes are inspired by local Chefs, Food Network shows and social media. Our home kitchen is also the production studio where 12year-old Chef Takis creates cooking videos for his YouTube Channel.  You can find him on YouTube, and if you like a dish featured on his channel, you will most likely find the recipe here on this website.  By Sandra Barcelo