Garlic Log

This is my favorite kitchen trick. It saves me so much time when I cook. I refuse to use garlic in a jar.  I think it smells like a bunch of chemicals mixed with garlic.  So, I use fresh frozen  garlic that I prepare myself. It does take some time to make, but it is worth every minute.  I keep my logs in my freezer and chop off a chunk when ever a recipe calls for fresh minced garlic.

You can peel 500 garlic cloves, or buy them peeled. I buy peeled garlic in bulk and toss it in my food processor. Once is minced, I place it in my molds and freeze.  After a few hours of freezing, I vacuum seal it and fill my orders. I do keep plenty for me too. I use it often,  and I love making it with my kids even thought they say it smells like stinky garlic in the kitchen.  I tell them it keeps away the witches and evil spirits.  That’s what my dad always says to my mom when she complains of stinky garlic.  It’s an Old Wives Tale.

Click on this link if you want a food processor like mine:


You can find this mold at this link:



Vacuum sealed with my Food Saver. You can find a Food Saver at this link below:



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