Buy bulk? Here’s what I do.

Ever buy  giant bags of onions or potatoes at Costco or a food warehouse? What family can actually finish one of those bags before it rots? We often buy in bulk, but we can never finish that whole bag without a casualty or two.  So I put my kitchen toys to work after a trip to Costco.

I love my kitchen toys. My newest toy is a Cuisinart Prep 11 plus (gifted by a very sweet firefighter friend who works with my husband. Thanks Wayne!).  If you don’t have Wayne in your life, you can click on the link below to get yourself this fantastic toy.



Onions:  Peel your onions and slice them in  half (be sure to take off the root).  I would recommend using swim goggles while you do this.  I know, sounds crazy but the goggles will keep the onion fumes from reaching your eyes.  Once your onions are peeled and cut in half, let the machine do the work. I use the slicer attachment for this trick. Once they are sliced, I bag the slices and freeze the goods.

Potatoes: Wash your potatoes and feed them through the machine. I leave the skins on. I use the slicer and the shredding attachment so I have two different prepped  potatoes in the freezer.

Total time for this is 45 minutes. I get Chef Takis to help me since he loves kitchen toys too.


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